About Chris Stansbury

Chris Stansbury, Republican candidate for West Virginia House of Delegates, District 35, is an optometrist, small business owner, father, lifelong West Virginian and fomerly served in the West Virginia House of Delegates.

Our citizens and communities in the 35th district deserve a Legislature that promotes the kind of public policy that encourages more good-paying jobs. In short, we need government to get out of the way of business by eliminating over-regulation, while at the same time encouraging entrepreneurship. This includes nurturing the kind of environment that will attract business development in the Kanawha Valley.

As an owner of West Virginia Eye Consultants, I see the difficulties of operating and even sustaining a small business in West Virginia. Considering those issues on top of an already complicated federal tax code, we must do better.

We must:

  • Simplify our state tax code for families, individuals and businesses
  • Restructure our tax code to increase competitiveness with other states
  • Eliminate taxes on machinery or inventory
  • Encourage local, homegrown businesses
  • Attract in-state and out-of-state commerce to the district
  • Provide business training and counseling opportunities to local entrepreneurs