About Chris Stansbury

Chris Stansbury, Republican candidate for West Virginia House of Delegates, District 35, is an optometrist, small business owner, father, lifelong West Virginian and fomerly served in the West Virginia House of Delegates.

Our current Coronavirus crisis has shown us many things, including just how important it is for our officials to communicate with the health care community. As a health care provider who cares for patients across southern West Virginia, I am exposed on a daily basis to the challenges to the “health” of our state. This problem is two-fold: a health insurance coverage crisis and, perhaps even worse, a very legitimate crisis of the health of the citizens of our state. We have some of the worst rankings when it comes to diabetes, heart disease, obesity, tobacco use and lack of physical activity. This has to change.

We must:

  • Generate market-driven solutions to health care access and coverage
  • Allow patients to keep their doctor of choice
  • Promote healthier lifestyle choices and increase physical activity in schools
  • Improve our green spaces, sidewalks and bike paths, ensuring our neighbors and communities have safe and accessible opportunities to enjoy physical activity outdoors